Rell or JL subwoofer?

I have 4 classe 25 amps biamping 4000 watts to a set of Bowers 802D3, I currently have 2 12 inch svs pro 1000 sealed subs, 500 watts each and a 15 inch klipsch like 800 watts, do to space I need to get rid of the 15 inch klipsch, so I’m upgrading my 12 inch svs , I use my system for 50% music and 50% movies and I do prefer smooth movie bass that the svs subs give out,  everyone says Rell is for music, and to get JL audio, but my dealer that sells Rell said Rell is definitely the way to go for movies and music that Jl is not . I have learned to trust him, very kewl guy, so his opinion got me confused cause everyone else said Rel is only for music and JL is actually hybrid for both music and movies. I’m looking at JL audio fathom 112 or fathom 113 vs Rel s812 or Rel carbon series, which do you guys recommend? I leave it up to you guys!!thanks so much 


Nobody mentioned MartinLogan X series. The go low, have full correction.

REL ain't what they once were. SpeakOns are a joke for sub connection. Don't believe a word of their malarky.

You need to mate sub performance to the mains.

A sub needs to have continuous phase control, polarity inversion, level and multi slope XO. If don't pass.

A long time ago, REL would be my first choice. Today, never except for the high end. Even then, they are more jewelry or furniture than speakers

I bought a Hsu ULS15 Mk II for music and am very pleased with it.  They told me that  if I played very low frequency organ music or would use it for movies, I should get a ported version such as the VTF3 Mk 5.  Hsu sells direct, so there is no middle man cost.

@soix  No my older SVS did not have the integration software.

@tcotruvo The ported VTF-3 MKV comes with 2 port plugs that can be inserted either one or both for Music or left open for cinema. These subs are very versatile.

I have a stereo pair of Rel 212's that I have been very happy with for a combination music/theatre setup that I ran with 802's.  I chose the 212's because I have a fairly large volume room and in my experience they are the best option overall for a combo setup.  Partly because of how I have them setup, I would say they are really good for 2 channel and good for movies.  If you are looking for a combo with smooth, tight bass I would seriously consider this model.  I recently changed to Focal Scala's and wound up adding a JL 113 V2 just for LFE.  In playing with the JL on setup I would say it is the standard for home theatre but I was not as happy with it in 2 channel vs the Rel's. 

Good luck...