remastered EMI pink floyd

Anyone yet heqar the new remastered version of Dark Side of the Moon? I truely dont hear a difference---Am I missing something?What differences-if any-have you folks encountered?Do I need a trip to an audiologist?
Are you talking about the 5.1 Dark Side remix done by James Guthrie? Pink Floyd is licensing a lot of their material to record companies now for all kinds of new content. The Immersion sets are a good example....
I have it, but I've only compared it to my cd. The cd sounds "enhanced" compared to the emi lp, exaggerated dynamics in particular. Since getting the lp, I haven't looked back.
Hey Poprhetor:
I did a bit of digging today and that remastered Dark Side LP is just the original Alan Parson's mix. No remixing. No attempt to add anything (or add dynamics); what you are hearing is closer to Alan's finished master tapes, as approved by the band.
Anybody tired of re-masters, re-issues, re-mixes, re-releases as much as me?

It's getting re-ally old.

Just wondering.