Remastered White Album on vinyl

Any reviews of the newly released white album? Im deciding whether or not to purchase it. Thanks
I missed that one-thanks. Yikes, not a very positive review on the sound quality of this. I will cont listening to my German original pressing.
You really need to hear it for yourself. You can't dismiss a recording just on one goof-ball's review. I find the new Beatles LPs very enjoyable. It's probably because of my tin ears and unresolving system though !!!!!
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I have read reviews than went both ways on the new Beatles LP's ... I have a copy sitting unopened and it's on the block for this weekends Friday night jam session. Fremer is very particular and speaks his mind. He's been writing for 30 years and I have been reading his stuff for almost that long. He certainly isn't the final word but he knows vinyl. I am happy with the pressings so far but I almost wished MoFi would have headed up this project again. I like the work they do and some of their repressings are amazing to my ears. I was hoping (as I think we all were) that technology and time would have taken these masterpieces to a whole new level. I didn't feel that way but never the less, I am very pleased so far. I might even buy a second copy to keep sealed.