Remeber the FONZ????

I have been cleaning the basement and came across some intersting odds and ends. A long lost Fonz turntable with a Grace 202 arm. Does anyone remember this table? What is it worth?
There were different models. The top one was interesting looking (kind of like a BIC 1000) and had a rather complex sprung suspension that I did not really get. I remember the model number containing the letter "Q" (I think), but that's about it.

Which model do you have?

People in the music industry used them to play 45's and post war 78's (saw quite a few in the LA area where the US distributor was also located @ the time) and I think that all of the speeds could be adjusted by controls.

Not a clue as to how much one would be worth today. Maybe check Ebay?

I don't have to remember, I have Nick at Nite. Bet you didn't see that one coming.
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I'm pretty certain that this (the 30) is the model that I recall.

Maybe try setting it up properly, if you have the owner's manual, and give it a spin? If it's worth less than $200, or so, it might be a better value to keep it (a vintage sprung table that also plays 78's looks pretty good to me).
Dekay-- it is set up and sounds pretty good for its age. I am not going to go crazy with it as I "went over to the dark side" 15 years ago when my son (2 at the time) decided it was time to become an audiophile with my Well Tempered table and arm. He had a lot to learn the and did a rather good job at it. Between sucking up my left overs and not so left overs, he built a nice system. But, my daughter was smart and has the better system of the two. For us the days of analog are over. If someone wants it, its available.

Place it up on the auction block.

I'm not in the market as I am happy with my current deck and have but a few dozen post war 78's (plus I'm broke:-), but am pretty certain that it should be in demand with a decent arm and 3 speed capability.