Remote controlled TADAC owners

If you own a TADAC tube audio remote controlled dac/pre from the late Paul Grzybek's Tube Audio Design, I would like to PAY you to open up the unit, take pictures of the inside - especially of the connections between the volume module and the main board - and email those back to me.

It seems some idiot butchered those connections because I now have a disturbing hum through the balanced outputs and I need to know what those connections should look like before I can attempt to fix them.

If we can come to an agreement, I will send you photos of my unit so you can see exactly the type of photos I need.

Thank You
I have one and would be willing to entertain the notion. How much of a hurry are you in? I probably won't get clear to do it for a month of so.
Hi there!

Thanks for your reply

I'm not in a terrible hurry, I can wait. If I decide to keep it...

There is nothing I appreciate more in my music than absolute DEAD silence during silent passages. I know a Bel Canto DAC can give me that and have been considering getting one.

So let me ask you, is your TADAC absolutely quiet? Is there ANY hum whatsoever coming out of your speakers when there isn't supposed to be anything there?

I guess I want to know what to expect and either patiently wait until I can get my TADAC back at 100% or just move on and settle on a Bel Canto

I bought it very recently and don't really know what to expect from a perfectly working TADAC?

Thanks again