remote trigger for jeff rowland amp


Does anyone know how to set up a remote trigger from a theta casa nova to a pair of mono block jeff rowlands? The Theta has two mini jacks for remote power, but the Jeff Rowland is an older design and they each have one 7 pin DIN connector.
SO I have two questions;
1.) is there a cable that goes from mini plug to 7 pin din?
2.) is there a "Y" cable that would facilitate using only 1 of the mini jacks on the back of the theta preamp leaving the remaining one open for my other multi channel amp?

So I found my answer, am posting in case anyone else has a similiar question.
The connectors on the back of the Rowlands are actually not for remote triggers they are most likely for a connection to a rowland preamp so the preamp can turn the amp on and off. A temporary short of pin 1 and 2 will turn the amp on or off as the front panel switch would. Pin 4 and 5 will illuminate the light on the front panel. Pin 3 is a ground. I was wrong in my original post it actually has only 5 pins not 7 as I originally wrote.