Repairs to Spectral preamp

My Spectral DMC 20 phase reverse switch is noisy.

Spectral bo longer services due to age but says its likel a noisy relay?

. I need a reliable repair

Shop. I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thanks.


At the prices Spectral charges for gear it's absurd they won't repair that especially since they know what the cause of it is? Good luck getting it repaired ptss!

A relay makes sense, ask if you can get the schematics/part number and whether or not it is a plug-in.  Lots of relays are in sockets so it's a 10 second job after you get the cover off.

Agree with jond - and very disappointed with Berkely. Won't buy 

Anything else of theirs. Eric, any chance you know a competent service

Shop. I'm not concerned about shipping costs, and have original boxes.