Replace au24 speaker cable???

I have for years used the au24 speaker cable with my dartzeel preamp, dartzeel amp, and evolution acoustic mm2 speakers with powered woofer

The au-24 is well balanced and cannot imagine much more bass slamm but maybe more midrange?

System sounds great but maybe this is weakest link. The ic cables are bnc connectors which is optimal for dartzeel equipment.

A friend brought his kubala to try but I found the kubala too dark

The stereovox silver reference seems tempting but not sure if worth the $ and limited budget

Xti16 says that while he demoed the JPS Superconductor 3, he "...never heard the AU24s..." I demoed the AU24e speaker cables, considered to be an upgrade of the 24s, at the same time I demoed the Superconductor 3s. IME and IMS, the latter bested the former in nearly every category. I recommend you take the opportunity to have The Cable Company send you both for your own evaluation.
I'm a dealer for Evolution Acoustics and Dartzeel. I'm running the same components. I'm using the Evolution Acoustics double run speaker cables. They were far superior to my previous reference cables which were pretty spectacular. I was over a customers house with the same system and the Evolution cables handily outperformed his reference cables that were far more expensive.
I had Au24's and just changed to Stealth Hybrid MLT and was very pleased with the improvements. It provided greater detail/quieter background yet sounded more relaxed with a larger soundstage. A friend of mine commented that it sounded fuller/richer sounding but more detailed. It is not dark at all but it is also not bright, very neutral actually. Very natural sounding and I would highly recommend them.
Well, I too have just upgraded beyond the AU24 speaker cables. (Seems like a lot of us have upgraded from them recently.) Before I state what I moved up to, I should state that I believe the AU24 speaker cables are very good speaker cables, especially for the money. (i.e. a very good bang for the buck!)

That being said, I have moved on up to the Jena Labs Pathfinder speaker cables (bi-wired). This cable seems to have better detail and resolution, and is slightly better in the treble response especially. I like them a lot. (Of course I should for twice the price though!)

My two cents worth.
i am a bit puzzled by the comments so far regarding the au 24 speaker cables.

i had an opportunity to audition the ics, power cables and speaker cable.

the au 24 was not lacking in resolution. in fact i found them somewhat analytical and too focused for my taste. in addition, i did not find the bass response more extended or having greater impact than other speaker cables.