Replace CD jewel boxes with archival sleeves?

Hi, folks:

I would like to reduce the volume and weight of my large CD collection by getting rid of the jewel cases. I still play CDs on my main system and want them to be easily accessible. The primary options seem to be paper or plastic sleeves that can be used stand-alone or in a 3-ring binder. I could also use the thin jewel cases, but they would still be heavy and would not show the side content flap on the side of the CD.

I've researched various products. Here are a few products I found:

Univenture polypropelyne jewel pack ... eeves.html

Univenture archival sleeve

Tyvek window sleeve with flap ... ap-33.html ... YV-WINDOW/

Viewpack XD 2 pocket polypropylene sleeve ... sleeve.php

CD binders and sleeves

- If I use sleeves, one concern is what material to use? They are made in vinyl, polypropelyne, and paper. Buskerdoo recommends paper sleeves for long-term archival, saying that CDs can stick to plastic over time. My experience is that polypropelyne would be better (and less smelly) than vinyl. Not sure if it is better than paper. ... g_CDs.html

- If I use sleeves, I would prefer a dual sleeve - one that holds both the CD and the paper insert (CD cover sheet). I suppose I could use single CD sleeves and tape the cover sheets to the sleeves.

What have others done? Recommendations?


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Hey, folks, thanks for your comments. Is there any formal or empirical research on the various kinds of sleeves: paper, vinyl, polyethylene, polyurethane? Any experience after using them for 10 years or so? My highest priority is to preserve the CDs.


I use this and saved a ton of space. I don't really look at the booklets so that is stored elsewhere. It can hang about 1000 double sided. The front is plastic which from experience with the album sleeves could react with the ink on the top of the CD but shouldn't affect the reading side.
I got it on sale one time for $40 delivered:
I use the Discgear Selector 100 (you can google it), I have many, many of them to hold my collection of 4000 discs. I found the Discgear to be the best option out there for several reasons;

1 - Does not "outgass" noxious and destructive chemicals, which can degrade the CD poly over time.

2 - Holds CD in a way which is upright, stress and contact free; which prevents warpage and surface damage.

3 - the obvious space saving.

4 - the super easy "indexing" CD finding and extracting system, which is playing suface contact free.

Again, I looked at multitudes of other CD holders, boxes, sleeves, storage, etc devices out there; played with them, tested them, spoke to the companies, and so forth -- and the Discgear Selector is what I found to be the best protection for my $80,000.00+ investment/collection.

And, No, I do not have any relations with Discgear -- I'm just very happy with their product. That's my 2 cent.

Oh, if you do decide to go with this system, or any other for that matter, its best to type yourself a catalogue/index of whats is where. I have numbered all of my Discgear Selectors and print a catalogue of each CD to it's location.

best luck
Folks, as the originator of this thread, here is the solution I went with to replace my CD jewel boxes. After a lot of research and obtaining product samples, I went with Jazzloft CD sleeves. . The CDs can be inserted with the data side against the CD's paper insert, or against the plastic sleeve. I discussed it with them and they say that placing the data side against the paper insert will not harm the CD, so I am doing that. An advantage of these sleeves is that the CD paper insert side title (the title strip that shows on the edge of the jewell box) wraps around inside the sleeve. If you stack CDs loosely together, this title is still somewhat visible, making it easier to identify your CDs.

Another good product is the Univenture CD sleeve (they have several styles). . The Univenture sleeves have an orange peel surface. I prefer the smooth Jazzloft surface - less reflection for me.

One disadvantage with plastic sleeves is that they are a little slippery, so you can't stack CDs vertically more than about 4" - like you might do if you grab a handful of CDs and place them on a table to look through. But that's a small price to pay for eliminating jewell boxes.

To replace DVD jewel boxes, I went with Discsox sleeves. or . These sleeves hold all of the paper inserts without cutting or folding. They have Bluray versions, too.