Replace Dynaudio woofers?

Hello. I have a pair of woofer blown Dynaudio Contour 1.1s They have been sitting, unused, in a clean, temp controlled room for at least 15 years. I hooked them up recently and the tweeters were emitting sound.

Is it worth to source OEM woofers to replace? Is it an easy job I can manage myself? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


If only worth $500-$900 used, I would make it easy without spending too much money. I can replace surrounds, cones, even coils, have you done any of that before?

They are NOT glued, get thee a narrow putty knife, say 1" wide, carefully tap around the edges, (protecting wood at edges, perhaps put tape around the driver before getting them out).

they will eventually come out. Hook up any cheap speaker to the wires to the woofer, shows if signal is coming out of the crossover.

Either Madisound or Parts Express have knowledgeable recommendations for replacement woofers/drivers.

Specs, range of frequency performance, crossover points, speaker sensitivity, ____ ohms (nominal) .... whatever facts you can gather helps find a replacement.

i.e. My old JSE Infinite Slopes have Dual Coil Woofers, special to their performance. My friend simply cannot find dual coil replacements, John Sollecito (the JS in JSE) cannot find a replacement woofer) my friend went with Parts Express recommendation. Then found another pair, great price, original dual coil woofers. His pair with replacement single coil both sound and measure like the dual coil. I’m sure Modafferi had his reasons relative to his patent,

Richard Modafferi

Richard Modafferi, inventor and independent consultant to AudioClassics, has established himself as one of the world’s foremost authorities on tuner & loudspeaker design and development. He holds Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the NJ Institute of Technology. A Senior Engineer at McIntosh Laboratories from 1968-74, he designed the MR77 and MR78 tuners and the famous "Rimo" filter. The MR78 tuner has received world wide acclaim for its State of the Art performance. From 1974 to the present, Richard has been a self employed inventor at Modafferi Acoustical Systems, Inc. He has been granted a United States patent for Phase Shift Bass Loading and for the Infinite Slope Crossover. Richard also serves as a writer, reviewer and test lab for Audio, Audio Critic, The Sensible Sound.

but ....

Dynaxox and HiVi have both knocked off this style of Dynaudio woofer. Both spec similarly to the Dyn’s


Millersound will repair your woofers to brand new condition at a very reasonable cost.  Simply outstanding all the way around.

See Millersound Speaker Refoaming, Speaker Reconing and Repair Services

See Audiogon Discussion Forum

@audioman58 makes a good point, if there isn't any sound coming from the woofers it could be a crossover issue which would be far less expensive to repair then a driver replacement.  The OEM drivers are pricey, they are built to last so it wouldnt surprise me at all if it was the crossover.  Mine looked new, even the rubber surrounds show very little signs of age. 

To be totally honest the Xovers in over 90% of speakers under $15k are not thst good of quality. I know for not only have I owned a Audiostore for a decade 

but learn8ng over 20 years ago on parts quality in Loudspeakers as well as electronics ,only 25% or Less goes into the complete speaker including all packaging this is a fact the rest R&D overhead and markup. 
I just rebuilt a pretty respectable Xover itwas $1500  but the end result sounded better then a speaker at 2x thecost  , if they sent me the Xover then it’s less monies 

and I just upgrade the resistors and capacitors , BTW Dynaudio use parts from their area such as The Very good Jantzen inductors , the resistors , capacitors not that good . If you email me  in c o d e I can show you picture examples .

go to humble homemade hifi capacitor test ,the exceptional Tony Gee has this capacitor guide as a loose reference ,  different drivers sound better with different capacitors and resistors , I totally recommend WBT connectors .Dynaudio drivers have not changed that much. The build quality excellent. In my 3.4 contours I rebuilt including Cardas best -0 Crystal 6-9s copper  Litz wire  sounds better then their new 30 model it replaced by a good amount I spent $1600 just in parts .

I may be selling these later in the fall in rose wood cabinets each driver has its own dedicated chamber these weigh over 90 lbs each with boxes .