Replace inner sleeves on used records?

I buy a lot of used records. Unless there is something special about a sleeve  I throw away the inner sleeves and replace them with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab inner sleeves. Should I always keep the original inner sleeves regardless of their interest level?


If I believe the inner sleeve to be original, I keep it and place the LP in a new quality inner sleeve.  Both usually fit inside the outer sleeve.

@kenrus , I only keep them if there is important information about the recording on them. Otherwise, they are tossed. 

I use Vinyl Storage Solution products - who are running a sale on their products.  I find them top quality, excellent pricing, and great service.


I do. after they are cleaned ultrasonically, vacuumed and they are then placed in a MoFi anti static sleeve.

Non ordinary original sleeves are totally good for keeping, specially if containing some art or printed info. Usually I keep them inside of the hard sleeves next to the records stored in new inner sleeve. 
I do dispose basic regular paper sleeves due to dirt and dust contamination. After the washing of newly purchased old record I put new plastic anti static sleeve on and old one goes to the trash.