Replace LAT Coax cable between Bluesound and Oppo DAC

I am using a LAT Coax between Bluesound Node2 and Oppo 205 for DAC.  Using LAT Coax cable I got for free at a hifi show.  Is Coax or Optical the best connection?  Any point to buy a better cable?Thank you.
I have a Node 2. I use it to stream Tidal MQA. I started with an optical cable and found that sound was Much improved by switching to Coax. I am using a Cambridge 851C for my DAC. Another improvement. I upgraded my Coax to an AudioQuest Coffee, again, another improvement. Then I happened across a AQ Diamond coax and the sound improved again. Finally I, just for fun used the Doug Schroeder method and used silver Y splitters and used both the coffee and the diamond coax together. Well darn it if it didn't improve again. 

Improvements equal soundstage, musical separation and depth. It is instantly recognizable. Hard to go back. 
Get your hands on a bit of Vivanco KX-710 tv-coax, put a rca-plug in each end and you will have a reference cable. 
Nordost Silver Shadow. If you’re using the stock power cord I’d suggest switching that out as well on your Node. Both make a significant improvement. Oh, and your 205 deserves a better PC as well; I use a Nordost Vishnu on mine.

Don't buy anything unless you can audition it first. The effects of digital cables are very system-dependent. With excellent modern equipment, it's been my experience that the differences among SPDIF cables are slim to none.

What connection is better depends almost entirely on your source component and DAC. Again, you will have to listen to make a decision.