Replace light bulb in Thorens TD-126 MKII

Hi all,

I would appreciate some basic instructions on how to replace a light bulb in the 45rpm switch of a TD-126 MKII. Also, what bulb is used, and a source for it.

Thanks in advance.

i had a td 125 and was able to get one on ebay by searching the audio listing, the guy was in germany and was able to find just 1, you can also do a web search if you have the bulb manufacturer and model number, good luck
Some time a go doing a random goole search on Thorens I ran into a site that had posted service manuals for several of the Thorens TT. Unfortunately I did not save it.
hi dave replacing the bulbs is really quite simple you will need to remove the front faceplate in order to do this there are two spring loaded push releases underneath the unit depress these using a flat screwdriver (if you look from underneath they are located in the underneath front corners they are red in color) depress these and flip the front panel off this will reveal a circuit board there are 6 screws securing this ( 4 on the top 2 in the bottom please take note has to which screws go where note the two inner screws are shorter than the outer screws also the inner right top screw also secures a copper contact next remove the top knobs carefully pry these loose and pull out now carefully pull the front circuit board back no need to remove the board just pull the top part gently back in order for the bulbs to clear the little chambers in the switches then slowly lift the top panel off and this will reveal the bulbs these just pull good luck out this really sounds harder than it actually is this whole process took me about 5 minutes