Replace stylus or new cartridge?

Should I replace a stylus on an old (I bought it new a long time ago) Grado TLZ fir $325 or buy a new Nagaoka MB-300 for roughly twice that?


the text of the advertisement on LP gear does suggest that what they are selling is identical to what Grado are selling. And the price is identical, as well.

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I was confronted with the same dilemma a few years ago and elected for a new stylus for the TLZ. It now is regally suspended from the MMT for which it was originally purchased which in turn sits atop a truly vintage Kenwood 600. It really does sound wonderful and, as an added bonus, makes me feel young again.

@lewm--the 300 is what I am thinking of. Supposedly the same body as the 500 with a lesser (and less fussy) stylus.

One advantage is: if you do not have tools and alignment skills, replacement stylus goes into undisturbed cartridge. 

Do you have fixed arm or removable headshell?

I would ask Grado, if body this old, new stylus wise?

Next, check what they would sell for with a new stylus

Now decide: keep same sound, invest to sell, buy something new?

or, both: stylus for Grado AND something new.