Replacement for Alpha Genesis 1000

I want to replce my Alpha Genesis 1000 cartridge (lots of hours so it's time). I like the sound so I want an MC cartridge with a VERY similar sound. Turntable is a SOTA Sapphire with Fidelity Research FR-64 arm. I'm open to a new or used cartridge. What should I consider? Should I consider retipping the stylus?


ZYX all the way for what I understand he was the man behid the Alpha Genesis. I have a Yatra from ZYX and love it. Never harsh, open and detailed. Even can slam bass, at least in my system , Ondekoza never sounded better. Derek
I don't own this cart, but I did some research on them and this cart was designed by the same guy who builds the ZYX carts. From what I understand they are not similiar as the ZYX is a newer and much more highly refined piece of equipment.

These carts were known for the suspension collapsing, so if yours is still working, and you like the sound of it I think I would go the retip route. Soundsmith seems to be the go to guys for this work.

I also know a guy with an AG 2000 with a new VDH retip. I think he wants about $600 for it, to cover the retipping costs. Let me know if you're interested.

Sorry -- don't have an answer, but I do have a question if you would be so kind. I just installed my alpha genesis which had been in storage for years. I have lost the documentation and cannot find it on line.

What tracking weight did you use? Is it the standard 2 grams?

Thanks for your help.