Replacement for Maggie's?

So I have been thrilled with my magnepan 1.6's to the point that I have upgraded every component to the point that even the power conditioner costs more than the speakers. My question as the headline suggests is that where do I go from here for speakers? I love the Maggie sound for its wonderful depth, life like size, and soundstage. Dislike its lack of bass. The rest of my gear consists of Ayre C5xeMP, Ayre K5xe soon to be MP, Pass Labs X250, APC S15, Grover Huffman XLR's, Signal Cable bi wired speaker cables. Thanks
Harri, When I was auditioning speakers I found 2 other speakers I thought I could live with. Those were Wilson Sophia III's (16K) and Magico V2s. My wife hated the look of the Wilsons, but was ok with the maggies. Maybe you should give the Magicos a listen.
Agree with Elizabeth and others that the 3.7 is the obvious choice. It does everything the 1.6 does but better. Or even the 20.7, if you can swing it.

Ejlif, what were you powering your 3.6's with? I've heard them play quite loud, certainly in the range of dynamics.

Usually, people who want more slam or extension in the bass add subs, or, increasingly, Magnepan's DWM woofer, which can be used to increase bass output in larger or "planar unfriendly" rooms without smearing the bass as a dynamic sub can.
VMPS speakers (tho owner just passed away) offer IMO much of what is enjoyed about Magnepan or other planars but feature dynamic woofers and reputation for great bass. Brian made sort of no nonsense speakers that while modest in cosmetics offer great performance, his used speakers offer great audio bargains.
I am in Ohio (Browns victim lol) if you want a demo. Cheers
I've read some comments on the web that claim DeVore speakers are very "Magnepan like".
Much of the "feel" of the Maggies is due to their dipolar radiation pattern. With proper placement, the reflection of the full-spectrum backwave off the wall behind the speakers arrives late enough to be highly beneficial in terms of timbre and richness, without any downside. You might look into other technologies that give you additional spectrally-correct reverberant energy, but are better suited to deliver bass impact and dynamics. For instance, the polydirectional Shahinian Obelisk comes to mind.