Replacement for Maggie's?

So I have been thrilled with my magnepan 1.6's to the point that I have upgraded every component to the point that even the power conditioner costs more than the speakers. My question as the headline suggests is that where do I go from here for speakers? I love the Maggie sound for its wonderful depth, life like size, and soundstage. Dislike its lack of bass. The rest of my gear consists of Ayre C5xeMP, Ayre K5xe soon to be MP, Pass Labs X250, APC S15, Grover Huffman XLR's, Signal Cable bi wired speaker cables. Thanks
Harri, sounds like all is ending well. My wife thinks Maggies look cool. No one told her she is supposed to hate them, I guess.
Way to go! And congratulations. As good as the smaller Maggies are, that true ribbon is on a different plane.
Harri, I hope that works for you, but I highly recommend you look at Peter Gunn's website

I found all of it and there is a lot there, very interesting. And I'm glad I read it before buying 1.7's
Jeff, I've no argument with Peter Gunn's craftsmanship and a lot of people speak highly of his work, but much of what he aays about the 1.7's on his site is manifestly untrue. I'm not talking about his opinion of their sound, though it's a minority opinion. Rather, I'm talking about a number of erroneous assertions, e.g., that the supertweeter is a marketing gimmick.
I must say I have never listened to a pair of Gunn's speaker mods but I could never bring myself to pay him as much as he want. I would much rather spend the extra money and buy a new pair of 3.7's than to have his mod. There is also the issue with the amount of time everyone reviewing the Gunn's have had between the origionals and the gunned model. I would be very interested in hearing some impressions of someone that did a direct comparison with a unmodded and modded pair. After hearing the .7's I would have to agree with Josh.