Replacement Fuse's - What are my options ????

Do to a dumb electrical move I blew a fuse in my amp and thankfully it did just what it was supposed to do. No damage to my amp. What are my replacement options ???? I have heard some audiophile fuse's are out there for $25 a fuse....any comments would be appreciated.
Yep, Russe41, they use regular old fuses. High end or not, they couldn't justify the additional cost of $25 fuses. Unless, that is, they make a big marketing/advertising deal -- "Look how far we've gone in search of perfect sound forever" --out of it. I wouldn't hold my breath :-)
Russe41, I'll bet they use common fuses.

I'll also bet you could venture to the local Porsche dealership and find less than state of the art tires on the prettiest model in the showroom.


Something less than the best possible choice for maximum performance? Were talking about a very fine quality, very expensive automobile!

Maybe the tires they choose cost less, ride smoother and last longer at the expense of not being the absolute last word in performance.

I get tired of that argument, it appears all the time in Audiogon forums. People claim that if fuse (or fill in aftermarket product here) was important, the designer would have included it.

It's odd that every year at CES these same designers show up with their equipment sitting on premium stands and feet, hooked up with aftermarket interconnect and power cables and (in some cases) the room is acoustically treated.

I have witnessed (personally) tube equipment at CES that had all NOS tubes to give the performance edge they wanted the public to hear. If designers believe in and make use of all these things, why don't they include them?

As stated above, its the money.

Better to keep initial cost low and allow each audiophile to decide how to spend their post "initial purchase" dollars.
Not a good comparison,the smallest rims porsche makes are 17" and go up to 19". I'll bet those aren't deville tires.
I also bet the deville tires aren't found on a hummer.
Just like the fuse in cary audio's cad-805 for 10k a pair
use a high end slow blow for aprox 1-2$.
Well guys I bought the HIFI-Tuning Fuse's for my Rowland Model # 5 amp. Four of them in total.....My system is the Rowland amp and a Rowland Synergy IIi pre amp along with a CEC TL-1 transport, dcs Delius / Purcell combo and Avalon Eclipse speakers. Purist Audio Dominus digital interconnects ( 3 of them...thanks Albert Porter ) and Synergistic Absolute Reference IC's with all Shunyata Anaconda Alpa and VX power cords.... MY JAW DROPPED !!!!! ALL I could say was ; ''WOW ''. Now remember...I found these fuse's due to a stupid accident , I was not out there trying to tweak. They work.
Albertporter - I think what you are really seeing, sometimes, is showmanship (looks count and dem gadgets look pretty cool) and otherwise neccessary behavior to keep a business viable. If you don't play nice with other vendors, & if you disdain highly profitable product catagories for your dealers, you won't be in business long. Also, it is probably handy, occasionaly or consistently, to have some of the tweaks vendors chip in $'s to help defray show costs. FWIW, most of the sport car/sport bike makers now days are figuring out how their vehicles are going to be measured in the mags. and tiring up to suit.