Replacement pwr supply for Aragon 24k

Looks like the ips gave up and I'm now in need of a replacement. The pwr supply is the standard piece that comes with this pre although the updated ips would work. Pity Mondial is out of business. Thanks and enjoy the music.
Do you know what kind of power supply you need? How many lines of what voltage and what current?

If you can find a local reputable tech shop try that. It's likely a regulator died.

It could be that something in the 24k is drawing excessive current and that caused premature IPS failure.

Have you tried alternative DC power ?

Thanks for your replies Kr4 and Dpac966,
According to the Klipsch forum A pwr supply of - 24 + 24v DC and a min of 250 Ma. The pwr supply had been modded prior to my purchase but don't know what all had been done. I should have known better :( I have talked to Steve Donalson a tech and he is researching a replacement. Pehaps someone with an extra pwr supply may read this. Stay tuned,
Sorry to hear about your problem. It amazes me the ps broke down: to me it looks like a solid piece of engineering.


Can't help you, but I would suspect the modification. Any chance for a refund?
I had this exact preamp years ago. That outboard power supply is very rugged. The fact that some guy modded it is likely the reason it broke. But like i said earlier, something upstream might be flaking out and massively increasing current draw, But the linear regulation has current limiting built in. Have you checked the line(120v) fuse, of course unplugged?