Replacement pwr supply for Aragon 24k

Looks like the ips gave up and I'm now in need of a replacement. The pwr supply is the standard piece that comes with this pre although the updated ips would work. Pity Mondial is out of business. Thanks and enjoy the music.
Thanks again for all your replies. Steve at Klipsch asked about a fuse but I don't see one anywhere. He even looked at a schematic while I had him on the phone and he could not locate one either. Satch thanks for the link but it looks like the upgraded ips. I have the standard version which should be simpler. Spiro the Krell may be my next recourse if I can't find a ps. Stay tuned
Do you have the IPS or the standard, rectangular power supply?

Either way, my suggestion is to have it repaired.
I have the standard. Hope I can obtain a new one or as you suggested have it repaired.
I have a 47K phono stage with a stock power supply. I'm looking to upgrade the sps to something like the IPS but they are discontinued. Does anyone here know if we can use something like this...

It's a Variable Regulated Power Supply intended for Laboratory use. Can be set to the desire 24VDC and over 250ma. What I'm not sure of is if the requiered +24vdc, - 24vdc can be fulfilled by adapting the cable to the + and - plus Ground into the 3-pin connector which goes to the 47K/24K units. ( I'm guessing so excuse me...).


PS: camino3x2 I sent you an email through another site where you reviewed the Aragon gear...thanks!
The power supply for my Aragon 24K Pre-amp just went out. You say there is a fuse? If so, where is it and how do you open the power box? Thank you for any assistance you can give me.