Replacement RCA cable for Systemdek Turntable.

I'm trying to find a replacement RCA cable for a systemdek IIX turntable. I would like to improve on the ones currently installed. There appears to be a Linn "T-Kable" available for this, but it is very expensive and would like to find a more reasonably priced alternative... Does anyone have any experience with this, or know of a good quality cable that will plug in to this deck? Thanks for any help in advance.


You would be better off with a cartridge upgrade than wasting money on a cable. Unlike with a cable you can actually hear an improvement!

Not sure which model of cable you need for your deck but would suggest AudioSensibility for their high quality good value phono cables offered with RCA or various Jico phono plugs depending on what you have/need. They offer a range of products in OCC copper and silver.


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