Replacement Sonus Faber grille strings?

Hi guys, the grille and stand strings on my Sonus Faber Guaneri Evolution speakers are beginning to sag.  While I know its a straight forward task to retension the grille strings, I am just thinking that at some point I will need to replace the strings. The stand strings look a bit more difficult as it will require me to dismantle the stand.  

Of course I have no intention of paying the ridiculous prices SF wants to charge me.  So does anyone know of a source for the string?
Yo TBoooe...

How do you like your evos?  I've been eyeing one for some time now.
joey_v!!  great to hear from you.  Hope all is well.

I absolutely love the Evos! In my smallish room they give me everything I want in a speaker.  I just added 2 Rel T 5i subs and now my system sounds great!  Of course, as with all things audio its all subjective.  But if you like the Sonus Faber sound then you wont be disappointed by the Evos!
I checked with my local dealer. For my Cremona, the cost would be $1,000 for two grill assemblies. Ridiculous. So, we tighten up our strings by simply pulling on them and re-knotting them. On the Cremona, the string is knotted  at the bottom and does a loop over the top and back down and is knotted there.  So each length gives 2 grill strings. We just pulled on one end until both sides were  taut and re-knotted it. Pretty easy. Small hands help.

You can get elastic banding cord at most fabric stores. or craft stores. Here is one option. It is a little larger than what is on my Cremona but it could be used. I am pretty sure there are smaller sizes available. It was $3 for 5 yards at my local fabric store.

Take a look at the pictures here, especially the second one.


I’ve seen this with the Amati’s, I believe they sag with humid days and stay that way because they’re hanging on their own weight.

Maybe if you spray/wet them with water, then dry them in the dryer, they’ll shrink a bit like a tee-shirt does when they’ve been dried in a dryer.

Cheers George
You need 1mm Fabric Elastic Cord it comes in a 328ft roll. You can purchase on EBay for about $35ea. You're going to need about 900ft. I replaced both sets on my Amati's Homage last year and they look like new.  By the way it took me three hours each.  

Have fun!!