Replacement Tubes

I'm in need of 6550 replacement tubes. I placed an order for them with the equipment manufacturer nearly three months ago and am still waiting for them.

I realize there's issues with the supply chain. However, I need these and am looking for a possible alternative.

Any recommendations or affirmation of "that's just how it is everywhere out there" would be appreciated.

Thank you!



@rbschauman some places are out of stock of some times many are not. 6550s are readily available. ok eurotubes has em too. yeah. semms most of your new production tube seller have em. 


It seems the OP has not looked very far! 6550's are available, and in stock at many places.

I can't reccomend VivaTubes highly enough. I ordered a matched set of 4 6H30Pi and they arrived at my door in just 5 days, and I'm in the UK! 6550's are available almost everywhere - I easily bought a pair of Sovtek 6550WA for my Ref3, although I only needed one, but singles are a little thinner on the ground and he wouldn't split a matched pair.

My supplier in the UK told me Russian tubes are rapidly going out of stock though, and they cannot get any more in the current climate, so I'd buy an extra for the future.

You can buy Sovtek 6550 tubes on Amazon....they have some in stock now.

I've bought tubes on Amazon and they worked just fine.

A few days ago I bought a Svetlana 6550 tube from the Tube Amp Doctor in Germany.  

I paid $150 total including shipping for got here in three days.