Replacing Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity Speaker Cable

I have used the Alpha Core MI-2 speaker cables in my system on and off for years.  It would be appreciated if anyone who has used these cables would provide the name and model of moderately priced cables that they have upgraded to and felt there was an improvement.  There is little about the tone or clarity of these cables I do not like.  Except that I just purchased a new amp and I don't want to even think of the possibility of it going into oscillation, even if it is remote due to the Zobel networks.   Prefer under $500 new or used for 10 foot pair.

Sorry, I don't have any recommendations for you, but I use MI-3 cables in my system and my Classe CA-200 does not have any problems without zobels.  I bought a pair from Geortz just in case, though, and they were only $20.  Is there any reason why you think your amp will oscillate with the zobels?  What's the new amp?
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That’s strange ketchup my ca200 goes into protection mode without the zobels.