Replacing current sub with another

I am in the process in replacing my current sub with something with better control, meaning tuning and integrating. My option would been a SVS SB-1000 pro. Keep in mind I have a very small room and really the Vandersteen 2ci are more then enough for the need of any music. I have a sub not for output but for quality and and response. I have the tools to tune and integrate the sub with the 2ci so that is not a factor. I currently have the HSU STF-2 and is a great sub but it only has the basic controls so I am limited.

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The Vandie 2W is a good sub, but frankly I'd upgrade the Hsu to a VTF-15H MK2.  I use two of them and have been quite happy with the performance and adjustability.

Are you trying to talk yourself out of the SVS? Seems like a perfect choice for your situation. I started with the PC2000 Ultra, then bought a SB4000, then a SB3000. Each integrated easily by themselves and now I use all three. Hard to beat. Good luck. Once you get a sub dialed in the first thing you will ask yourself will be, why did I wait so long.

I agree on the SVS sub. It’s easy to integrate and has plenty of controls to dial it in. In my situation it was almost too easy. 

The SVS for $500 is a respectable sub and has a nice app to use with your phone or tablet.  You can also greatly better it by the REW program downloaded to your computer, and buy the mike it  recommends for around $100  then you can totally fine tune your room it takes time to practice and learn  but you can accurately 

fine tune your Bass , at some point buy 2 subs it’s far easier to eliminate nulls in the room  and you control its output it just blends much better.

What Everyone here is forgetting or misinformed about is

 The Vandersteen Sub 3 and 2WQ unloads the heaving lifting of the main amp

while lowering the modulation distortion of the main speakers dramatically improving the clarity and transparency of the whole system while doing it without any DSP-inducing. issues Personally I prefer this as a seamless solution with all these added benefits make it an easy choice for music's sake.


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