Replacing dead woofer on ProAc Tablette Sig 50 (NYC area)?

I have a pair of ProAc Tablette Signature 50s; one of the woofers is dead. I brought it to a local guy in NYC, who seems knowledgeable but is apparently not some famous high-end guru; he says that the woofer needs to be replaced, but he doesn't have access to one that will fit.

I've messaged ProAc, who haven't replied in a few days, and I'm just trying to get a sense of what my options are. I've always liked these speakers, and I would like them to work, but if it's going to be a years-long effort of finding the right person somewhere in the world to fix these, I'll just have to toss them and find another pair of something. 

Is finding a replacement woofer easier than this guy thinks? Or is there somewhere I should be taking them to in the NYC area who'd be able to fix this? Obviously, I am myself extremely unsavvy, technically, but I'd hope that these are both repairable and worth repairing.


try some proac dealers local to you

a dear friend of mine had woofers on his response 3.8’s go bad and a longstanding san jose retail/repair shop who handles proac procured fresh replacement woofers for him, all is well now

you might need to do some legwork but proac has many dealers and i am sure some will help even though this isn’t a big money maker for them

the new proac distributor can be a little hit or miss when end users contact them, i have found