Replacing Lyra Kleos at end of its life need suggestions as to what next?

I purchased a slightly used Lyra Kleos on Audiogon awhile back and its now probably close to retirement. 

I have enjoyed the cartridge and considered upgrading to the Lyra Etna but its rather expensive.  I thought about getting another Kleos but think want to upgrade rather than simply replace.

A couple dealers have suggested either a Soundsmith Hyperion or a ZYX Universe III.  The ZYX is roughly the cost of the Etna so that gives me pause.

Complicating matters neither of the dealers are local so would have to mount the pricey cartridge myself or with the assistance of friends in or out of the audiogon community.  

I have a Lenco L75 idler wheel direct drive turntable that has an upgraded plinth among other things and am using a Dartzeel phono/line preamplifier.

I listen to wide assortment of music including jazz, rock, and singer/songwriter stuff.....but not classical music....

any thoughts welcome



If you want something different get an EMT. Very underrated, but very good, and available in your price range. Get the Kleos retipped and keep it as a spare
What turntable / tonearm / Phono preamp do you have ? It’s hard to better the Lyra Cartridges.  If I was to have only one cartridge the Lyra Etna would definitely be it. 

Good listenig 

If you want a cart better sounding than the Kleos, but can't afford the Etna.

Dynavector XV-1s.   superb cart.

there are a few used ones on gon now.
If you want to upgrade from the Kleos, please send the Kleos to me. I can help dispose of the cartridge. I will even pay shipping and more.  Seriously.
I would consider the Ortofon A90 or A95 if your phono pre can handle to lower output.  These will perform similar to the Kleos but with more energy and neutrality. The ZYZ cartridges are great but definitely a different house sound compared to Lyra.  Fun choices to make!