Replacing the speakers link with silver wire

Hi! Would it be a good idea to change the speakers link (bronze or whatever) for a piece of silver wire? If so, ¿would it be sufficient with a 18 ga piece of siver wire? Thanks in advance for your comments!
No. My speakers cables are not made of silver, but I was wondering if there is some advantage in using a piece of silver cable instead of the link, which is made of some cheap material such as bronze.
I agree with albert, but would not rewire the innards with silver...sounds like that would be the next place you would go.
I have some top quality silver (and Teflon) wire here I can send you in a first class letter provided you only need a short piece.  Then you have nothing invested and can experiment.

What could it hurt?
Thank you Alberporter, but no thank you! For I am living overseas. But as you said iit´s not big deal trying! Thanks.
It usually makes a significant improvement to replace the stock links provided with the majority of speakers with a better link. Many companies make replacement links ie Nordost in varying levels (cost). Another option if possible is to make a short set with the same cable that you are using as your speaker cable. There have also been some testing as to weather bi-wire is better than a single run + a link or jumper to the other set of speaker terminals. I have always run my system bi-wired and have recently switched to a single run with a jumper made from the same wire (Nordost Valhalla) and have noticed an improved sound. I believe much of this assessment or study has been done by Nordost. Main message is to replace the stock jumpers-you will appreciate the benefit (if you have a good store close maybe they will lend you a sample or two)