Reputable restorer for vintage integrated amp

Just purchased (but have not yet received) a Yamaha A-960 integrated amp. Should be here sometime next week. I bought it because of its great phono amp section and plan to use it for that purpose only. Owner says it had light use. But on further research I saw posted here in an old thread that this particular amp has a problem with capacitor failure which could result in a fire. Before putting it to use I'd like to have a reputable tech restore it to upgraded, safe levels. I live in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area and have used a local guy in the past (but it took him months to reset my power amp after I carelessly let the left and right speaker plugs touch and short the amp). From what I understand all he did was put in a reset code. I wouldn't mind shipping the Yamaha amp off. I just don't want to be waiting for more than 2 or 3 months to get it back. Anyone had their vintage components worked on and loved (or hated) it? I'd love to hear about your experience (the good, bad and ugly). Thanks in advance for all the recommendations. 
Percision Audio Labs in St. Louis, MO just did excellent work on a 35 year old preamp for me. They are authorized for Yamaha. 
Thanks k5d. How long did it take for them to get your preamp back to you and what did they do to it?
Stereo Rehab in Chicago. Reliable and honest evaluation prior to committing any $$$. Reasonable and fairly quick turnaround. Unfortunately a long haul from KC. Not sure if you could ship to them but it may be worth a phone call.
Thanks motorawayl. Stereorehab says they use only genuine replacement parts. I bet those are hard to come by. Can't see how it wouldn't be expensive, too. But once my unit arrives, I'll give them a call. 
Mewsickbuff , It only took a couple weeks. Working with Jeff was an absolute pleasure - communicating continually via email and phone. 





*Replaced all Phono Preamp transistors – three resistors burned

*Replaced all electrolytic capacitors throughout unit

*Replaced front-and-rear panel toggle switches

*Replaced Output Muting Relay

*Burned-in unit for four business days – All Functions Are Perfect

Performance & Benchmark Certificate

Provided by:  Precision Audio Labs Service Center 

Invoice Number:94522

Date of Service: 05-22-2020

Make:  Perreaux​​

Model:  SM2​​

Serial Number:  P6599

The information below entails the tested specifications of your pre-amplifier.  Preamp Performance is tested in our lab using a Sound Technology 1700A Distortion Analyzer, SN-06241.  This unit was last calibrated on 3-15-2017. 

Measured Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  Phono Input .005%   

Measured Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  Line Input .008%

Measured Signal-to-Noise Ratio (In Db):  MM Phono Inputs = 87dB   

Measured Signal-to-Noise Ratio (In Db):  Line Inputs = 108dB

Measured Channel Separation:  72dB

k5d, that was very thorough. Your Perreaux looks quite nice. Never heard of the brand until now, but there are so many brands to choose from and America only has a portion of what's available. Glad to hear Precision Audio Labs Service Center kept you informed and had a quick turn-around. Looks like I may be giving them a call in the near future. Thanks.
The amp arrived. I took the lid off to have a look and found the capacitor doomed to start a fire was missing. Don't know if the original owner's had it fixed back when this issue first came about, but I've lucked out. The amp is now being used as a phono preamp in my HT system, this way family (my kids and grandkids) can enjoy vinyl from time to time. Doesn't mean I'll never call Precision Audio Labs, afterall our TT is 40 years old and the Hamon Kardon AVR is somewhere near 20 years old. But after placing a few Synergistic Research ECT's in the TT, AVR and Yamaha, the system has never sounded so good. Thanks to all who replied.