Request to hear Zu speakers


For the past year or so, I have stayed out of the discussions regarding Zu speakers.

In 2004, I attended their demo in Easton, PA. The Zu guys were some of the nicest, most fun and real people I have ever encountered in audio. I had my issues with the sonics, which I greatly attributed to room acoustics. And, they were most amenable to my suggestions, such as firing the speakers out of a corner of the large room. Still, it was a new speaker, so I allowed a lot of leeway. I put my faith into Zu being a young, energetic, and dynamic company who would find their way.

In 2005, I heard the speakers again. This time at Audiogon dealer Quest For Sound. Again, I feel the need to compliment the folks at Zu for being such good people. But, again, I had some major issues with the sound of the speakers. It could have been the room, it could have been break - in, it could have been the weather...

I would like to request someone who is an owner, and, obviously a believer, of these speakers, be they Druid or Definition, to allow me a thorough listen. Not that my opinion means any more than any other, but I normally take a definite stand on equipment. I don't want to say much more until I have given the speaker a totally fair shake, given the regard I hold the ownership of the company in.

Is there anyone who lives in within a two hour radius of Philadelphia who is willing to take me up on my request?

Thank you,
This is Mechans the Zu poohbah from the other thread, although I too admire the Zu guys for their bringing youth and enthusiasm to the audio community yes they are Great Guys. I would like to join my friend Trelja (Joe) in the Philly or South Jersey area. I really have to hear them played in a system that someone thinks is fabulous. then I will gladly say they are great or at least good decent speakers. In return I will invite you over for a a listening session. I have a variety of moderately priced stuff but some truly rare old stuff if that's a curiosity to you. I have 3 good CDPs, a decent Vinyl source 1959 JBL 1962 JBL 1979 La Scalas 1977 Heresys newer VR2s pre China, most expensive JM lab 936s tube new or 1962 or solid state monobloc power, ultra modded ARC SP6B or several integrateds. An added incentive is a glass or 2 or 3 or... of fine wine of your choice that I have a collection of. Some are reserved but there's quite a bit to choose from.
Many thanks to all who contributed in this thread!

There is no thread jacking going on. Opinions are always welcome. To me, that's what the threads are for; sharing information, experience, perspective, opinion. Perhaps others will be able to host these demos in the requested areas around the country.

Audiogoner Ton1313 has graciously extended an invitation to hear his speakers, Zu Druids and Definitions He lives in the Easton, PA area, which is about 1 hour north of me. We're shooting for a Saturday in March (hey, if the weather is nice enough, I'll be able to put the top down! Maybe I should have asked for April?). Both pairs are more than fully broken - in, and I'll be able to get a full picture of the speakers, outside of show conditions.

Restock, the decision lies entirely with Ton1313, as it is his home.

Marty, should I bring my aluminum foil helmet?
Hey Trelja - I just moved to the Easton area. I'd certainly love to join in if possible. We can go over to my place afterward for a totally different listening perspective (large Kinetic Audio Labyrinth t-lines passively biamped by two ARC D400mkII SS amps). Although I will be out of town weekend of March 17-19...

Shoot me an email.
I have Druids on Audion Golden Dream 300B monoblock amps and Definitions on Audiopax 88 monoblocks. I can organize a listen for an interested group in the Los Angeles area.

Sean and Adam visited last October and demonstrated the Druids and Definitions at the meeting of the Chicago Audio Society. I'll be happy to answer any questions, since I provided much of the associated equipment. Perhaps they would consider coming back if there's enough interest.