Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers

Greetings Audiogon community,

I am requesting your input about four specific amplifiers in a particular price range and how they may, or may not, pair well with my Dynaudio Confidence 20 stand mount speakers.

My room is 20' x 16' and does have wall absorption treatment. I do not listen at high levels, typically in the 75 to mid 85 db territory. 

I currently own a Luxman L-509X integrated amplifier, which is probably the best integrated amp I have owned to date. However I am wondering if there is a better amp match for my Dynaudio Confidence 20 speakers, and so am considering moving to separates. My budget for the amp alone is in the preowned $4K to $5K range.

Here are amps I am asking for your input about ;

-Simaudio Moon 860A V1 (Dynaudio dealers seem to endorse Simaudio)

-Pass Labs X150.8

-PS Audio BHK Signature 250 stereo (PS Audio has dropped the price on new amps in their closeout sale)

-Parasound JC 5

I realize there are many, many, amp manufacturers, and that of course if I reach a bit higher I could consider Ayre, or Aesthetix, or Coda, all of which interest me, but seem to stay outside of my budget. 

I wish I could side-by-side compare or demo all of these amps, but unfortunately it is not possible. I am looking to your experience to help in any way possible.

Thank you!



Nad c298 power amp. Or, buy two Nad c268's and bridge them for 300 watts per channel. Mine sound great!

I had the BHK 300s and moved to a top end Luxman amp.  They are very different from each other.  BHKs are more of a bottom up amp, with plenty of foundational bass where the Luxman is more top down, with an exceptional mid and high range.  Only you can decide which of thee (if either) works best with your speakers, equipment and room.  Good luck.

I can’t say how it’ll sound with your speakers, but I love my Parasound JC5. It runs in class A for the first 25 watts, which in your situation of a lower listening volume may really pay off. I find my JC5 shines everywhere and it’s very satisfying.

Highly recommended and is in the used price range for about $4K-5K.

@missioncoonery-Thank you for this insight. I failed to mention I have one JL Audio sub in place and agree it is helpful.

@gramophone_canada-Thank you for this suggestion. I was unaware of Audia Flight out of Italy. Beautiful looking gear. I appreciate learning about new companies to me in this hobby-thank you!

@chocaholic-Yes, this is another decision to make. I am considering a tube preamp, maybe a AR LS28, or VAC Renaissance Mark V. I prefer balanced inputs, but really appreciate what I have learned about Backert Labs as well. If an Aesthetix Calypso would appear in my price range that would be near the top of my wish list too. Your handle here on Audiogon is awesome!

Thank you all again for sharing your experiences so generously!

“Maybe I am looking for a bit more midrange warmth? ”

Consider Accuphase Integrated for that mid-range warmth. I have auditioned both Luxman (among others) and picked Accuphase E-650. 4 plus years of ownership and have no desire to upgrade except move up in Accuphase lineup.