Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers

Greetings Audiogon community,

I am requesting your input about four specific amplifiers in a particular price range and how they may, or may not, pair well with my Dynaudio Confidence 20 stand mount speakers.

My room is 20' x 16' and does have wall absorption treatment. I do not listen at high levels, typically in the 75 to mid 85 db territory. 

I currently own a Luxman L-509X integrated amplifier, which is probably the best integrated amp I have owned to date. However I am wondering if there is a better amp match for my Dynaudio Confidence 20 speakers, and so am considering moving to separates. My budget for the amp alone is in the preowned $4K to $5K range.

Here are amps I am asking for your input about ;

-Simaudio Moon 860A V1 (Dynaudio dealers seem to endorse Simaudio)

-Pass Labs X150.8

-PS Audio BHK Signature 250 stereo (PS Audio has dropped the price on new amps in their closeout sale)

-Parasound JC 5

I realize there are many, many, amp manufacturers, and that of course if I reach a bit higher I could consider Ayre, or Aesthetix, or Coda, all of which interest me, but seem to stay outside of my budget. 

I wish I could side-by-side compare or demo all of these amps, but unfortunately it is not possible. I am looking to your experience to help in any way possible.

Thank you!



@mgw-This is helpful, thank you. Is your Simaudio 700i the V1 or V2 version? 

@audiotroy ​​​​@mm1tt77-Thank you this good info about Coda. I think I am going to separates but the CSiB seems impressive.

@lalitk-Great to learn about Accuphase, thank you. I was unaware they would sound warmer than Luxman. They appear very similar in appearance and in specs. I think a preowned Accuphase may be within my budget. Good to know-thanks.

@yyzsantabarbara-Great intel-thank you! The Coda No. 16 looks like a beast! Beyond my budget, but wow what an amazing looking amp. Happy listening!

The PS Audio M1200s would be killer- they come up periodically ~ @ $3500-4K, or LSA Voyager GaN 350 (dual mono single chassis) ~ $1500

Both have excellent reviews

I owned the CODA CSib integrated amp and the KRELL K-300i integrated. Both are really good as others have stated. However, separates are better. I tried a lot of preamps (including the CODA 07x) with the KRELL Duo 175XD, CODA #8, CODA #16, and Benchmark AHB2 amps.

I found that the best combo for me was the Holo Audio Serene and Benchmark LA4/HPA4 preamps with any of the 4 amps listed above. An added bonus was that they were cheaper than most of the other choices I was considering. My choice was based on the preamp adding very little to the sound since the amps were so good.

Only caveat, I may not use either preamp with the SimAudio 860 V2. Not sure if that would work unless the speakers were a bit warm.

@jpipes mine is the V1. The differences between the 600 and 700 series V1 and V2 seem to be as much about minor changes to components driven by supply as anything else. The major difference between the 700i and 700i V2 seems to be that the transformers are encased in the latter.

Either way, both sound fabulous. 


By the way "I currently have the 700i and did not notice a huge difference between that and the 8-series pre and the 860A when I demoed than back to back." In my original post in case you did not get that from the context.

I have not heard all the amps on your list, but with the 50% price drop on BHK 250, it would be hard to beat with the new warranty and not having to wonder if you are buying someone else's problems and the return policy.  I picked one up about a month ago and I am keeping it.  I like the sound after it is broken in.  IMO, the tubes do add to the sound and  you can roll them to adjust the sound slightly to suit your tastes.