Resale prices for Oppo Digital Universal Players

May I ask the forum to explain to me the disparity in the asking and bid prices for various preowned and some new Oppo Digital Universal Players for sale on Audiogon and on another well known resale site?  I'm seeing prices all over the scale.  I know they're no longer manufactured but the asking and bid prices don't seem to make any sense.  For example, there's a BDP-93 manufactured in 2011 with an asking price is $250.00, another one built in 2010 at $310.00 and another at $150.00 similar vintage.  There's a BDP-95 Blu-ray Universal Player for sale at $643.00.  There's a UDP-205 for $3,000.00 manufactured in 2017.  There's a BDP-83SE that's 10 years old with an asking price of $433.00. There are three new UDP-205s with asking prices from $3,699.00, $4,999.00 & $5,295.00 !!  The UDP-205s new were $1,299.00 when they became available.  There's a new UDP-203 built in 2016 at $ they were $549.00.  I own a BDP-103 from 2014 purchased brand new at $500.00 and it's still in excellent condition.  What is that worth should I decide to sell it here may I ask?         
I think the answer is that many are trying to milk the demand for all it’s worth and others are just being fair. I look at these quite often on the used market and that seems to be the case. The demand will subside after a while after all they are no longer made. I have a BDP83 still that I bought new ten years ago and it’s been a great player. I use it as a transport into an outboard DAC for both music and movies. However it is finally starting to have problems with the drive. I just bought a Cambridge CXC CD transport to replace the CD functionality and I must say it does sound slightly better than the OPPO. So ya when looking at ten year old components you have to be wary of how much life they may have left in them and they should be priced accordingly. Let the buyer beware.
You dont buy 10-15 year old CD players!! In most cases once the Laser goes you now have a $200-500 doorstop. I sold about 12-15 205's for $2800 - $3200 over the last couple of years. Its called the law of supply and demand.  Your 103 isnt worth much cause it cant be used to make SACD Copies like the 105 can. You can get about $800 for a 105.
Great feedback everyone.  Thanks for your excellent insights and information.   Very interesting and rather unprecedented.  In all of my years in this great hobby of high end audio (40), I don't recall seeing source components sold at higher prices than at their original offerings.  That speaks volumes about the quality and mystique of the OPPO Digital line.  I love riaa_award_collectors comment that you don't buy 10-15 year old CD players.  Absolutely correct yet Ianrmark sold two 10 year old units in a day !!!  It floors me to learn that riaa sold 12-15 UDP-205s at that price range.  Absolutely amazing.  I didn't realize the 105 can make SACD copies.  I do use the 103 to play my small collection of SACDs and it sounds terrific plus I also have a Marantz UD5007.  Both great sources for the $$$.  I use both so that one doesn't wear out sooner than the other.  That's the fun of this business.  It's good to know that sonicjoy's BDP-83 has lasted 10 years.  Excellent info.  
Ya its still working for now. Thats why I bought the CD transport. Hoping the OPPO will last awhile longer just playing the occasional Blu-ray disc.
The Oppo 205s are barely worth their original asking price.  They have an DAC, and weak analog section and power supplies.  The outrageous asking prices for the new Oppos are far above what they are worth.

Don't believe the hype!