Researching Preamps

I currently have a Quicksilver Line stage preamp for the last 15 years.  I am getting back into vinyl and would like a built in phono stage and am looking to upgrade to the next stage as finances allow it but aren't unlimited .  It has to be tubed, please send me your suggestions and I will do the research .

My system is 2 mc75 mono amps refbished the quicksilver and Jolida glass dac III, magnepan mg IIIa's and a luxman cd Player (old).



I have a couple of thoughts for you. Quicksilver makes a phono preamp and made a preamp with a phono stage (which occasionally show up for sale used) and you might consider those options if you like your current Quicksilver.

The Shindo preamps mentioned in this thread are great, but do not always play well with other brands, due to their high gain among other things. You should talk to a dealer or the importer to make sure the Shindo will work in your system.
A  McIntosh C22 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier should be a good match with your Mac monoblocks.
I picked up a Parasound JC3+ and am really happy with the sound.  I am using Constellation amp and line-stage.  I wanted a good quality phono preamp and was looking at Constellation.   While researching the history of the design I discovered that John Curl designed the Constellation phono stage.  He also designed the JC3+.  I am not saying the Parasound is necessarily as good as the Constellation pre, however, based on the cost delta I am very pleased with the sound and flexibility of the unit.  So far, very natural sound and it plays well with my other components.
Keep the QS and add a good phono preamp. If you must have a preamp with a phono section then check out Rogue Audio ,all of their preamps include phono.