Resolution Audio - Cantata

Anyone out there heard this player? Very interested in its sound playing regular Redbook cd's. Also any comments on its other digital capabilities would be appreciated. Seems like the perfect unit for now and the future.
I want one..Maybe I can convince my son not to go to college until next year :-)

I agree with Ken. The Resolution Audio Cantata series products are absolutely fantastic sounding pieces! They look great as well. They sound great for both redbook and computer audio. A couple of weeks ago, I spent an afternoon demoing and comparing the Cantata Music Center and matching C-50 amplifier against the Great Northern Sound Reference modified Resolution Audio Opus 21 & matching S30 amplifier. IMHO, the new Cantata series is about 15% better sounding than the GNSC modded units, which are 15% better sounding than the stock units. I will be purchasing the Music Center in the next month or so.

Jeff Kalt is the Resolution Audio designer. He is an MIT graduate that specializes in high-end audio digital design. Over the years, he has designed digital sections for several well know high-end audio companies including BAT. He designs & makes great sounding gear that is practical and sanely priced. Resolution Audio's Opus 21 and S30 products are fantastic and are "giant-killers". Do yourself a favor and demo the Canata series products.
Long time since I have posted here! I concur with the above comments. I upgraded from the Opus 21 / s30 system to the Cantata system and could not be happier. The amp has a bit more breathing room and openness than the s30, but still retains the musicality of the DNM-based design. I use them with DNM cables and Harbeth P3ESR speakers. A great little (and beautiful) system.
I just received my Cantata and spent several hours listening to it break in. I was using the Opus 21 prior. The BIG difference between the two while playing CD's is the fact that it actually sounds more analogue that the 21. Keep in mind it will take a bit to break in and should only get better. It accepts a CD easily and looks awesome. It is nice to be able to dim or mute the lights at night also. Awesome unit and it will probably cut down the amount bof time I spend listening to vinyl