Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing

Hi everyone! A couple of years ago I purchased my endgame CD transport- a Pro-Ject CD Box RS2T. Loved almost everything about the unit--highly resolving presentation, dead quiet background, balanced placement of instruments in a believable 3 dimensional soundstage, and  the synergy it had with my components. In fact I loved the transport so much I had two of them because Pro-Ject quality control and customer service is the pits. After almost a year of hassles, I'm swearing of Pro-Ject.

I'm in the market for a replacement CD transport that has the same qualities of the Pro-Ject minus the quality issues and customer service.

PS Audio, Jay's Audio, CEC, Audio Research (which are CD/DAC units) come up in my search. What are your thoughts? With all the bells and whistles the Pro-Ject was around $3300, so that gives you an idea of my budget, though I could go higher.

Thanks in advance!



I think you would get all what you listed as your requirements. My first impression, after the switch, was soundstage expansion, some performers are at the reach of my hand, almost eerie. Later on I kept discovering nuances I had not been aware of before.

CDT3 was over my budget, have not heard it.


If you can swing it, also consider AQUA La Diva. Maybe you can find a used bargain for around $4500. I am inviting @thyname to share his thoughts on CDT3 MKIII. He’s got a fabulous system that does full justice to a player like CDT3. 

@lalitk -

Much appreciated. I’ve done research and the Aqua La Diva M2 regularly shows up as a transport with the characteristics I appreciate. It has the CD Pro-8S CD transport, which is the same one in the Pro-Ject CD BoxHave you heard the original Aqua La Diva?