Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing

Hi everyone! A couple of years ago I purchased my endgame CD transport- a Pro-Ject CD Box RS2T. Loved almost everything about the unit--highly resolving presentation, dead quiet background, balanced placement of instruments in a believable 3 dimensional soundstage, and  the synergy it had with my components. In fact I loved the transport so much I had two of them because Pro-Ject quality control and customer service is the pits. After almost a year of hassles, I'm swearing of Pro-Ject.

I'm in the market for a replacement CD transport that has the same qualities of the Pro-Ject minus the quality issues and customer service.

PS Audio, Jay's Audio, CEC, Audio Research (which are CD/DAC units) come up in my search. What are your thoughts? With all the bells and whistles the Pro-Ject was around $3300, so that gives you an idea of my budget, though I could go higher.

Thanks in advance!



I have no skin in this, but based upon reading posts over the last year or so the QC issue(s) has been a known for some time . It would seem that Project would have long since addressed its production and overall QC especially given its price point

I concur 100%. This should have been recognized and corrected earlier. I suppose better late than never. I have posted often on these forms as a very happy and impressed owner of the RS2T. Every one sold should perform splendidly as mine has, rather than hit and miss outcomes. Pro-Ject must ensure that the transport reliability equals its brilliant sound quality.




Agreed with your quality issue assessments! I have to say as I'm doing research the CD Box still comes out on top wrt sound quality. I've actually wondered if I would be crazy trying to get another one. I've reached out to Pro-Ject North America to get a better idea if it's worth a third go-around.


@robshaw -

Many people think Jay's MK2-III transport sounds fantastic. I've done quite a bit of research and have considered getting one. I think the thing that makes me hesitate is the no returns policy. Charles1dad has an Abbas 3.2 se DAC and is very satisfied.




The 3rd time was the charm for Rob as he mentioned earlier. I’d only consider it if there’s a clear snd definitive return policy. It would be wonderful if you can finally enjoy the RS2T trouble free as other very happy owners are. Particularly in your case as you well know its sonic capabilities. What ever you decide I wish you the best.


I have to say as I'm doing research the CD Box still comes out on top wrt sound quality. 

So you are doing “research” on this, but never bothered to listen to other CDTs recommended on this thread? Whatever research you are doing I want to smoke some. What’s the point? I am terribly sorry for speaking my mind. I know bad idea.


As they say, fool me once, it’s on you. Fool me twice, it’s on me. Fool me three times… (yet to be explored)