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Hi everyone! A couple of years ago I purchased my endgame CD transport- a Pro-Ject CD Box RS2T. Loved almost everything about the unit--highly resolving presentation, dead quiet background, balanced placement of instruments in a believable 3 dimensional soundstage, and  the synergy it had with my components. In fact I loved the transport so much I had two of them because Pro-Ject quality control and customer service is the pits. After almost a year of hassles, I'm swearing of Pro-Ject.

I'm in the market for a replacement CD transport that has the same qualities of the Pro-Ject minus the quality issues and customer service.

PS Audio, Jay's Audio, CEC, Audio Research (which are CD/DAC units) come up in my search. What are your thoughts? With all the bells and whistles the Pro-Ject was around $3300, so that gives you an idea of my budget, though I could go higher.

Thanks in advance!



Vermeer paintings and Pro-Ject CD Box Rs2T analogy (YMMV)

John Singer Sargent and CD6SE analogy (YMMV)

I'm giving the TEAC 701 a listen when it ships to one of my local audio shops. I'm going to listen to a Denon dcd-a110 110th anniversary edition sacd at the beginning of the week. The URD is on order, with an opportunity to return if I don't want it. WRT, Jay's CD transports and CEC-This will be difficult because they are purchase with no return option. With that said, I'm really liking the CD6SE.

BTW-Art Blakey and his classic Jazz Messengers, with Lee Morgan and Sonny Rollins sounds fantastic through the CD6SE. 


BTW-Art Blakey and his classic Jazz Messengers, with Lee Morgan and Sonny Rollins sounds fantastic through the CD6SE.

Oh boy, I bet that it does. Of all the tremendous trumpeters who had stints with the Jazz Messengers, Lee Morgan may be my favorite with Blakey.

David thanks for the artists links. I have to say that I really like both pictures. As I’d very likely feel the same comparing the RS2T and CD6SE. 😊


@wharfy Will be auditioning an Audio Research CD6SE this coming weekend.

Curious how you were able to secure an audition.  I was under the impression that the CD6SE was discontinued two or three years ago after a two-year run because Phillips (IIRC) discontinued making the laser it uses.  Makes you wonder why ARC didn't just source another laser vs quit making CD players altogether.  


Very interesting analogy! I am not surprised by the outcome of using CD6SE in your system, given the synergy with other ARC pieces. Looking forward to your impressions with other players. And thanks for sharing the art, I loved them both! 


I have returned to look at those pictures of art several times now. The Vermeer painting is more detailed, vivid and nuanced. The Singer Sargent is also appealing but more subtle and suggestive of mood perhaps. Hey, I’m no art critic for sure. Thanks for the artistic introduction.