RIP - Tim Mrock

It is with much sadness that I bring the news that Tim Mrock, the developer of Perfect Path Technologies, passed away at approximately 1 am on Monday morning 10/28/2019.

Tim succumbed to a fast-moving cancer. He leaves his capable partner Krissy to run the business and to continue producing the Perfect Path Technologies products.

Over the past few years, Tim and I have become good friends, often carrying on long telephone conversations discussing audio, new ideas to improve the hobby, and things of a spiritual nature.

Tim was a true genius, an inventor, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a deep thinker, an extremely hard worker, a generous person, and a man who truly loved his partner, Krissy.

With the conversations I had over time with Tim regarding his spiritual pathway, we can take solace in the knowledge that he is in a much better place. He was a man who loved his Lord with a passion. The names he gave to his company and to his products pretty much says it all.

I'm going to miss you, buddy.

Rest in peace, my friend.

My eyes no longer see him, my hands no longer hold him....but he'll be in our hearts forever. <3   Many thanks to you for all for your support. <3 Love, Krissy Mrock 
 I have been away from audition for a while because of some family issues.  I decided to check out the forums and I say this post.  I am truly shocked and saddened by the news of Tims passing.  I considered Tim a friend even though I never met him in person.  I am a shy person and it is hard for me to get to know people but talking with Tim on the phone was always easy.  We would talk about music and out Michigan connection.  He was so passionate about his products and about music and life in general.  My condolences to Krissy,  Tim will be greatly missed,     Kent
Deeply saddened to hear the news of Tim's passing. 

I am a happy UK customer  of PPT. I spoke to Tim twice, he was a jolly gentleman and on both occasions. The service was truly professional with my order discussed, a deal struck and dispatched as soon as the payment settled.  After sales support there too and all this whilst battling cancer and running a business.  What a remarkable man. Rest in peace Tim, peace and love to his friends and family. 
Let’s not forget to show Krissy Mrock some love over the next couple of weeks.  This is going to be one tough time, going through the holidays without her husband.

Best to you all!