Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps

Like probably many on this forum I’m getting into that post 60 age where hearing may not hear as well as it once was. To baseline where I stand today, I arranged a professional assessment. Results:

  • 10dB loss at 2K Hz
  • 20dB loss at 4K Hz
  • 20dB loss at 8K Hz
  • Word recognition 100% at 70dB
  • Sound tolerance to 110dB (that’s loud)

Summary; mild to moderate loss at higher frequencies; muddled conversations in group settings. No urgent need for hearing aids but higher volume may be required for media.

I listen to music mostly at the 70-85 dB range; most theatrical movies and concerts can go as high as 95-100dB which is too loud for me. My McIntosh MA352 has EQ knobs which I rarely use. I prefer direct sound without boosting and play mostly vinyl. Also have EQ in my car.

I tried enhancing EQ settings at 2K and 10K Hz and found it did add more detail; at least it was an agreeable sound. My hope is to avoid hearing aids for as long as possible and still get maximum music enjoyment.

Anybody else encountering this or have some workarounds to suggest?




My wife tells me she just read a yahoo feed that the Maine shooter, still at large as I write this, apparently just started using hearing aids prior to then hearing voices.  I can’t wait until a firearm advocacy groups points out that while the right to own firearms is constitutionally guaranteed, that document says nothing about the right to use hearing enhancement devices.

  So I did my audiology test yesterday.  I have been having problems with conversations in crowded places for years.  I therefore wasn’t surprised when my results were similar to the OP, but slightly worse.  I asked the audiologist how this would affect my ability to hear music.  She said it would mainly affect the treble.   My speakers are B&W 803-D, now almost 20 years old.  They have diamond tweeters and were largely criticized for being excessively bright.  I listen to Classical exclusively, and perhaps I’ve adapted, but I don’t notice any issue with. Music.  Flute, piano, oboes, sopranos, if anything there are certain recordings that I avoid because there is to much treble for comfort.

  So I am going to get hearing aids for conversation but will be removing them while listening to music

If you don't know, what difference does it make ? Just had some ear surgery and now I have the dreaded ringing in my ear.

I have owners the Widex Moment 440 for about a year now 

first tried Odicon in ears and they were horrible

read Michael Fremers review of the Widex Moment 

there aids only transmit what you are deficient in

Also they have the lowest delay .3 milliseconds of any other aids in the world 

Call Aaron at Hearsource   Send him your test and he will get your aids programmed 

best decision I ever made 

I hear like I’m 21 again and turn 60 on Saturday the 28th

Good luck