Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps

Like probably many on this forum I’m getting into that post 60 age where hearing may not hear as well as it once was. To baseline where I stand today, I arranged a professional assessment. Results:

  • 10dB loss at 2K Hz
  • 20dB loss at 4K Hz
  • 20dB loss at 8K Hz
  • Word recognition 100% at 70dB
  • Sound tolerance to 110dB (that’s loud)

Summary; mild to moderate loss at higher frequencies; muddled conversations in group settings. No urgent need for hearing aids but higher volume may be required for media.

I listen to music mostly at the 70-85 dB range; most theatrical movies and concerts can go as high as 95-100dB which is too loud for me. My McIntosh MA352 has EQ knobs which I rarely use. I prefer direct sound without boosting and play mostly vinyl. Also have EQ in my car.

I tried enhancing EQ settings at 2K and 10K Hz and found it did add more detail; at least it was an agreeable sound. My hope is to avoid hearing aids for as long as possible and still get maximum music enjoyment.

Anybody else encountering this or have some workarounds to suggest?




As a 69 year old man I was tested to have -60Db at 8K. Even though I was used to the loss (very slow over many years) the fact was that music lost it's balance completely. Hearing aids are great and once you have them you will not want to give them up.

I’m in the upper 60’s group and while I can hear conversations very well, like most everyone else, my hearing is gone a bit above 12k. I guess because it happened so slowly, I never noticed.

First thanks to all for weighing in on this topic.  I found all perspectives helpful.  @mark200mph pretty much nailed my situation exactly.

  • I'm 67
  • My wife says I can't hear her sometimes; I hear her just fine one on one; but with a lot of background noise her voice is can be muddled.  She reserves the right to speak to me under any conditions 😂 and truthfully as long as she's there I'm happy.
  • My assessment was mild to moderate; didn't see a rating at 12K Hz.  Audiologist said I'm borderline on benefits of hearing aid; probably don't need one yet.  But I made an appointment to demo since I have the time.
  • I got my ears cleaned professionally; that really does help across the full spectrum. Going to do so yearly now.  Clear line of sight to ear drums.
  • I thought I heard music just fine; so the EQ tuning is just "fine tuning" I feel I still hear a full spectrum of sound at 70-80 dB.  I can go louder when I prefer, my listening room is away from other living areas.
  • I really protect my hearing; have done so for a while, but wish I had done so in my 20s (as well as a few other things). I'm using the new Sennheiser plugs at movies and concerts to reduce sound by 10-15 dB without loss of detail.
  • Many of my friends are experiencing the same conditions. At least they are still around to complain about it (They have a long list).
  • Both ears are about the same; my left is just slightly better at highs, but not by much
  • Thanks again to all; I'd say admonish the young to protect their hearing, but they won't listen.

I've been wearing hearing aids for the past couple of decades. I've been wearing eyeglasses for longer than that.

I would no more listen to music without my hearing aids than I would read a book or watch a movie without my glasses.

I'd suggest giving them a try; most places have a refund policy if you don't like them.... 

One point of consideration is that it is apparently harder to adapt to hearing aids the older you are. Best not to leave it too long. I have relatives who waited till their late 70s and could not adapt, even though their hearing was quite bad.