Retip lyra delos and upgrade

I have a broken Delos and want to retip. I was wondering if it will be good to make an upgrade, since i like very much like originally was. 

Boron Fritz Gyger 2

Boron Fritz Gyger S 



please let me know if you have any experience.

thank you! 


Dear @jorgestevesilva  : Tes, to retip a cartridge Joseph Long is the best option but Lyra directly . Manufacturer always is the best first option for several reasons but to retip JL and yes I know him and here you can talk with him:860 338 0153.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,




Third Party Cartridge Services that Retip, Refurbish,  Bespoke Rebuild, as outlined by @needlestein, can offer to a Customer an increase in options on how the Cartridge being offered for a work to be undertaken, can be returned as a functioning design.

As suggested in the past, a Manufacturer in many cases, is most likely to restrict their work to using equivalent parts when receiving a Cart' that needs new parts to achieve the Refurb. Parts used at the time of Manufacture are potentially no longer stock items.

 With the above being a most likely outcome, I can't see any reason not to speak with a Third Party Service and draw on their experience of available materials and works undertaken on Cart's to discover if a Cart' can be offered that seemingly will be an attractive prospect to ones own preferences.

I was assured an Ogura Styli / Beryllium Armature (not used on any of the Cart' Brands Products) along with an upgraded internal Damper, etc, (used by the Cart' Brand) would be a worthwhile combination to get the Sound I was describing from a Cart' I was offering as a Donor Model. I have never shown a disappointment, I have only been thoroughly impressed with the Technicians work and this rebuild. I  often wonder if it can be maintained when the time comes.     

@needlestein This is great information, thank you. For retipping I’ve used both Andy Kim and Soundsmith and have been pleased with both, the former having a quicker TAT. TBH, I’ve never really thought about how and where they source their cantilevers and diamonds. I am also okay with having a "Frankenstein" non original cart as long as it sounds great and tracks well, which has been the case every time with a retip or "recantilever". I retipped my previous Delos with Soundsmith using their TOTL retip option, and the Delos was returned to me and worked flawlessly.  Edit:  Speaking of Gyger, I am currently using a Stanton 980 LZS with a stylus retipped with Gyger S.  Sounds absolutely fantastic and tracks like a beast! 

@rauliruegas Yes!  In fact, it was @needlestein Jesph Long that retipped this Stanton stylus (sent by the previous owner I believe).  Didn't put 2 and 2 totgether.  Thanks Joseph, this D98 Gyger retipped stylus is perfect for this Stanton 980.  I also have the original D98 Stereohedron and I swear the Gyger is better at the inner grooves for treble extension and utter lack of any IGD traces.