Retipping a bence ace ls

I have a low output benz ace ls and would like to have it retipped,i may be nuts but it just doesnt seem to have the punch it had before .It has im sure 1000hrs, I'm in california

Have you ruled out other possible causes of this loss of "punch?" What other components are you using? Is this problem only with an LP source?
I believe its just tired .
My system is not epic around here but it sounds really nice for what it is
Vpi classic 1       Benz micro ace ls low output
Vpi cable    grounded
M.F  Nuvista m3 hybrid
Cambridge Audio 840     Acoustic Zen silver reference cable
Acoustic Zen      Adagios
6' Satori cable 
Sunfire sub  with Satori cable (when needed 30hz down)
Nitty Gritty 2.5

14'x16'x10' room 6" thick walls timber frame
steel stand filled with sand 

lately i just feel like my cds are just hitting cleaner harder and in general just sound better which shouldnt be  .This hasnt been a overnight thing .the cartridge is like 5yrs old .