Reusing cable for diy?

I have a floor machine with a 50ft cable that I'll be replacing soon. It's been in regular use the past five years--*maybe* as much as one week of disuse once or twice in that time. As a whole, I'm uncomfortable with the nicks. But there are several lengths that look practically perfect. It's thickly shielded with grey rubber. Would it be unwise to re-purpose this cord for a few diy power cord projects? Relevant (maybe) stats: Power Cord: 14-3 ST Fixed; Voltage: 115V/60Hz; Motor: 1.5 HP / DC Rectified. Thanks, Michael
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Fair enough. If it amuses me to work with it, then I will. I won't go into it with any illusions or misplaced excitement.
ST—Hard service cord with all thermoplastic construction, 600V. (PVC)

Should work great for a power cable (as is).
Or strip the ground out, twist a pair in a tube and use a 12-10ga ground (Counter rotated VH style would be great).
You should be really pleased with the performance.
Do it- Give it a try- It'll work. I was really happy with many DIY cables/cords projects.

But in the future, as you'll move up in gear and/or try out diff "audiophile cords" you'll then realize this DIY cord was just really doing what it was best: powering up machinery.