Revel Concerta F12 vs. Monitor Audio RS6

I have listened to both of these speakers separately but never next to each other. Has anyone had an opportunity to compare these two or can share some insight with me? I am planning on just a two channel stereo for soft rock, classical and jazz vocalists in a large living room. Would like to hold on to one of them for a long time and am in the $1,000 price range.

Ive heard both and greatly prefer the F12, the RS6 were too bright/fatiguing to me.
The F-12's every day. I have mine next to Vandersteen 2ce sig, and the F-12's are open, and detailed.
given your musical tastes, the revels will be more neutral and less fatiguing; you can't go wrong with 'em
I have never found the RS6s to be bright or fatiguing. Maybe I am fortunate to have paired them with a suitable amp. I am driving them with Quicksilver midmonos.