Revel Gems - Single Wire, Bi-Wire, or Bi-Amp

i'm reconfiguring my system from the ground up - the only thing that's staying put is my speakers - Revel Gems.

in considering amplification, if you have tried the various options possible with this speaker - single-wired with the supplied jumpers, bi-wired, or bi-amped either vertical or horizontal - i'd love to hear your findings.

If you bi-amp, then vertical, otherwise single wire. I know bi-wire has been audio fashion for some time, and I jumped on the bandwagon as well. After a few years of trying this, myself and some hi-fi buddies, we thought single wire sounded better. It was then, I found a white paper on the net that talked about the phase error that bi-wire creates, and how it sounds. Basically confirmed what we were hearing. Sorry if this opens a can of worms.