REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab

I have about 5 grand to spend on loudspeakers.  Of these 2, Tekton Moab and Revel performa3 f208, which one would you goners buy? Or any recommendations? I have an old Krell FPB 400CX, Ayre K5xe mp, Wadia 321 Dac, VPI Classic turntable. 
You’re in luck.  Both give you 60 days to try them out in home.

Why listen to the goners when you can trust your own ears?

BTW, I own Tektons, drive them with 80W Schiit  Aegirs.  It’s heaven.
@dougthebiker... how do you like the Aegirs? I was initially interested but from reading reviews and 3rd party measurements they sh!t the bed on anything below an 8 ohm load. Measurements obviously aren't everything but I didn't pursue it any further. I continue to wonder though. Seems like they need a high efficiency speaker to shine.
I’d strongly recommend the Tektons. I auditioned at least 15 pairs of speakers including Revel (sorry, can’t remember the model at this point) and ended up going with Tekton.I’ve owned Tekton Pendragons for aprox a year and a half, and still have no desire to upgrade. 
I stopped auditioning speakers after hearing the Tekton DI. They are so good no need to look any further. The price is just icing on the cake. +1 for Tekton.
(I really hope Eric doesn't raise prices soon)