Revel’s Sound Signature

Nowadays, there are few and far between good audio stores to demo new speakers. There used to be several in my town years back. I am curious as to what currrent brand(s) people think come closest to Revel. 
Also, do you think that NHT and Paradigm have somewhat of the same sound signature? 

Kef has similar design goals with wide flat response and both brands need gobs of power while neither will bowl you over with their bass 
I would say that SOME of the Revel line requires a bit of power to get singing (Ultimas) but not that it is a universal given across all of their product line.
My auditions in 2011 included both the Paradigm S8s and Revel Salon 2s. To me the Paradigms’ tweeter was way too hot and the Revels ended up in my room and have been there ever since, so no, to me they weren’t remotely comparable.
There were a few other brands in the mix but the competition ended up between the Salon 2s and Wilson Sashas. The Sashas had really good dynamics and punch, but the Revels just sounded right to my ears.