Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice



There's a closeout on new Revel Salon2s locally and it's a speaker that's always intrigued me and been widely praised for characteristics I like in a speaker (detail, neutrality, punches above its weight, good midrange and bottom end). My concern is if it would be a lateral move based on my current speakers so I wanted to ask your opinions.


Current setup: Focal Kanta 3s, Parasound JC5, Pass Labs xp22, Denafrips T+, Lumin U1 + X1 PSU, great cabling, dedicated 20amp circuits, etc.


Any thoughts on if I should look into the Revels further versus what I currently have? Tangentially I have also considered trying tube pres but consider speakers as the foundation of the system and don't want to pass up this up unnecessarily. TIA!


If you find the Focals a bit too bright a tube pre should take the edge off them. I have not heard the Revels but I went for the very musical Sonus Faber speakers but if you are a fan of earth moving bass the SFs would not be for you. As has been said before tastes differ.

You gotta listen...great speakers,  but not at all universally liked...

Get the Revel salons. 1 of the best speakers you can buy for anywhere near the price and many times more. All Focals have no bass until you get up into the Utopia line. Any Focal less than the Utopia will need a sub. Even with the Utopia’s, I would pick the salons. You will need a good amplifier with power for the salons.