Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice



There's a closeout on new Revel Salon2s locally and it's a speaker that's always intrigued me and been widely praised for characteristics I like in a speaker (detail, neutrality, punches above its weight, good midrange and bottom end). My concern is if it would be a lateral move based on my current speakers so I wanted to ask your opinions.


Current setup: Focal Kanta 3s, Parasound JC5, Pass Labs xp22, Denafrips T+, Lumin U1 + X1 PSU, great cabling, dedicated 20amp circuits, etc.


Any thoughts on if I should look into the Revels further versus what I currently have? Tangentially I have also considered trying tube pres but consider speakers as the foundation of the system and don't want to pass up this up unnecessarily. TIA!


Without question, the Revel Salon 2 speakers would be an upgrade over your Kanta 3 speakers, which I've had the opportunity to hear on a couple of occasions.  The Salon 2s are considered by many, including myself,  as an end-game, reference caliber speaker.  I believe that the Salon 2s are on a higher plateau of performance than the Kanta 3s are as I strongly believe that the Salon 2s are just  flat out better all around performers than the Kanta 3.  I like the Salon 2s over the Sopra 3 speakers as well.  I have an audiophile buddy who has a pair of Focal speakers which are the model just above the Sopra 3s, and I like the Salon 2 speakers better that them, too.  The Kanta 3s are a fantastic sounding speaker, but they just can't match the superior bass impact, dynamic impact and top-to-bottom overall completeness of sound that the Salon 2s produce.  Despite their age, I believe that the designers of the Salon 2s created a technical marvel those years back and they actually caught lighting-in-a-bottle with the Salon 2s creating a speaker that have withstood the test of time.  Amazing how that Salon 2s still compare so favorably with today best.  The Revel Salon 2 speakers could be your last.                 

@kennymacc I did listen to Sopras and Kantas when I auditioned, but unfortunately not Salons. The thing that seems to be repeated is the Salon2 punches way higher than its price and wish I could have heard it. Unfortunately those specifically I could not audition given the closeout, otherwise I would have.


I love my Kantas but know they aren't the end all be all as I continue on this journey! There are a bewildering number of speaker options that's for sure.

@christianb5s4   I can't tell how wonderful it feels for me to have found the perfect speakers in my audio journey (Revel Salon 2 speakers).  Now, I can just layback with a sense of satisfaction and contentment, and enjoy them for years to come without worrying about replacing them.  Hopefully, the same will happen for you.  Good luck in your search.  Happy listening. 

Likewise @kennymacc , that's the fun (and expensive part). It's a journey no doubt!


I hope to hear them someday.

The salon 2 really is quite special. I love mine. I compared head to head in the same system at my dealer salon 2 vs wilson sabrina x and it wasn't even a question despite the salon 2 being much older. Even today, especially with inflation, I think you would have to spend 50k to beat the Salon 2.